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Latest Post: Theory vs Systems made on 01 November 2017

I am interested in the areas of computer architecture, neuroscience, DNA sequencing/computing, biomedical imaging/sensors, and photonics/optics. Many of my ideal research areas or career paths involve the intersection of these topics, such as photonic integration, neuromorphic chips, brain computer interfaces, and neuroimaging. I am also interested in topics at the intersection of neuroscience and computation, such as neural networks, pattern recognition, deep learning, and artificial intelligence. To this end, I graduated in Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois specializing in biomedical optics. In Fall 2016, I will be entering the Electrical Engineering doctoral program at Stanford University.

At Illinois, I served as President of the IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu Alpha Chapter at UIUC, worked in Prof. Gabriel Popescu's Quantiative Light Imaging Lab and with a technology transfer startup for the lab, Phi Optics.

I additionally served as President of the newly-formed Neuroengineering Student Association (NESA)

After graduating from Illinois, I interned with the Synapse Biology group (PI: Prof. Stephen J Smith) at the Allen Institute for Brain Science under Forrest Collman & Sharmishtaa Seshamani

email: daniel at this domain